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Friday, March 23, 2018


Did you know. . . .Amazon Prime members read ebooks for free. Download a book from an author (mine?) and write a review..even a sentence or two.

Did you know. . .  The best thing you can do for your favorite author (besides reading her book) is writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads?
Even though a writer would prefer to sit in her lair and write all day, then kiss her baby and send it out into the world, the truth is, even the most successful writer is forced to be involved in marketing today. I'm attending the LIBERTY STATES FICTION WRITERS CONFERENCE  this weekend, hoping to meet editors, agents and people who love to read as well as write. (Most writers are enthusiastic readers.)  Is it worth it? I'll keep you posted.

9th Annual Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference
Saturday, March 24 thru Sunday, March 25, 2018
at the
Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel
in Iselin, NJ

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