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Sunday, January 21, 2018



It's important to have someone in your life who always has your back. Who believes in your talent. Who encourages you when you become discouraged. Who celebrates with you when you succeed. I'm lucky to have a friend like this--someone I've known since college days, when we were both students at the University of Pittsburgh.I've always admired her self-confidence as well as her talent. She's a brilliant artist (and teacher.)  She shares her knowledge generously. She volunteers for those in need. She promotes her fellow artists and her friends.
Though distance separates us, we make the effort to spend at least one week a year together, usually on a cruise to somewhere exotic. We catch up on our lives, she paints, I write. She can dash off a brilliant water color in thirty minutes, and then give it away to someone who admires it. I watch her work with awe.

She's the friend I call when I have news, good or bad. I'm the friend she calls when she has news. We share one another's tragedies and successes. Every writer, indeed, every human, needs a friend like this in her corner.

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