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Sunday, January 28, 2018


                         Kickstarting Inspiration and Defining Goals



Inspirational Speaker fires up SISTERS IN CRIME 

Some days two cups of coffee won't wake my Writing Genie. Some evenings a glass of wine won't mellow her out. Some days I feel like the tank is empty and the engine won't turn over. My inner critic whispers, "Take a day off. You've run out of fuel."

I sit at my computer, nonetheless, perhaps rereading previous chapters, perhaps writing gibberish, until my imagination stirs and new ideas blossom. But sometimes a writer needs more--a dynamic reminder of what the writing life is all about and why we do it. A chance to be inspired by someone who reminds you of why you started down this journey in the first place, and the joys that come with creation, even if it's only for yourself.

Just look at the face, that smile--you can tell she's a human dynamo. She offered insights, practical advice, solicited questions, and for two hours, that electric energy never flagged. It sent sparks out to the audience, all writers who were eager to be inspired. I could feel the current of creativity spark around the room. I have no doubt that each of us went home with renewed excitement and energy and sat down at our computers with fresh resolve. (I, for one, wrote the entire first draft of a new one-act play!)

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