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Thursday, December 28, 2017


Why do we (that is I) make New Year's resolutions? How many have I kept? Will I do the same this year? No doubt I will.

Last year I resolved to finish my mystery novel BONE MOON and I did. I resolved to find a new agent and I did. I resolved to lose ten pounds and instead I gained five. But at least making the resolve keeps it on my mind.

I resolved to volunteer for a good cause and I did it for a year. Teaching English as a second language was difficult but rewarding for someone who taught English to native speakers but never before to Koreans, Hispanics, Chinese, and French, all adults in the same class. We had a lot of fun, but I'm not sure how successful my results were.

I resolved to contribute to causes that I really cared about, homeless children, NPR, the environment, and political causes that I agree with. This was easy by having a certain amount automatically withdrawn each month.

What will I resolve this year? To dive into the mystery series I'm currently working on, and see it through to at least two (maybe three) books completed and at least one published.

To lose fifteen pounds. That's the toughest one because I love to nibble as I write. Maybe I will place carrots and celery next to my computer instead of chips and chocolate. (But I won't enjoy it.)

I wish I could by resolution bring about hope, peace and understanding in this world, but that would only work if every single human joined in.

I wish that for everyone has a wonderful 2018, and finds PEACE, JOY, AND UNDERSTANDING. (And goodies.)