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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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" exciting book about a young woman's plight when she realizes someone in New York City who looks exactly like her--has been kidnapped. The book kept me entirely in suspense as Fallon, the heroine, tries to understand what is going on in her life. I really like how the book gives you a peek into another person's life and urges you to want to see how circumstances are going to play out for her. The author Weck does a very good job in setting the book in New York City, in northern New Jersey and the Poconos. The book has fresh twists and turns that surprised and grabbed me. A most satisfying read." -- Marge Carson new art website at


Two days before Christmas, Frankie gets a frantic Two days before Christmas, Frankie gets a frantic phone call from her brother-in -law Gordon,
saying that Rocky, Frankie’s sister is missing. Frankie isn’t convinced that Gordon’s story is on the up and up. Plenty
of times before, Rockyhas shown up on Frankie’s doorstep with her kids in tow after another bloody fight
between the volatile couple. Gordon admits to a fight but assures her that Rocky left with
nothing but a cut. Frankie is not convinced. Rocky would never leave her kids behind. 
CRIMSON ICE--This novel has surprising character depth and a plot, that if convoluted, keeps moving in non-stop action.”

                            FATEFUL ENCOUNTERS

Collected award winning stories and plays

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